Jacky and Lisa 

Our experience with Musix Studio has been truly exceptional. Six years ago, my daughter began her musical journey with Charissa for theory lessons and Sheila for piano lessons, and we have been amazed by the nurturing and encouraging environment they have created.

Charissa and Sheila possess a unique talent for fostering a love of music in their students. They not only provide personalized attention to each student but also offer constructive feedback that has played a vital role in my daughter's growth and progress. Their unwavering dedication to her development as a musician is truly commendable.

We are now delighted to have my son learning from Harrison, who has proven to be an exceptional teacher as well. His expertise and passion for music shine through in his lessons, and we can see our son's musical abilities flourishing under his guidance.

Being part of Musix Studio has been a true blessing for our family. The supportive and enriching learning environment provided by the studio has allowed both my children to thrive and reach new heights in their musical pursuits. The sense of community and camaraderie among students further enhances the overall experience.

Our journey with Musix Studio, under the guidance of Charissa, Sheila, and Harrison, has been a remarkable one. We cannot express enough gratitude for the nurturing, supportive, and enriching environment they have created. Their dedication and passion for music have had a profound impact on our children's musical development, and we look forward to many more years of musical growth and joy at Musix Studio.

Bryan and Monique

Our daughter has been taking piano lessons from Charissa for just over a year now.  She is an excellent teacher with highly professional performing skills, comprehensive knowledge of music, and a wonderful personality.   She has always made our daughter feel comfortable and welcomed.  We love her and would highly recommend her.

Robin and Raymond

Sheila has taught all 3 of our children piano for a combined total of 19 years.  She is gentle, conscientious, skilled and very professional.  Her  high standards of teaching and her love of music have made lessons wonderful experiences for our children over the years.  She makes piano fun and has a good understanding of children's abilities of all ages.  She enjoys her work and we highly recommend her!  We drove weekly from Thornhill to Newmarket in rush hour because she's the best!!

Trish and Michael

My daughter has had the honour and privilege of Sheila’s mentoring throughout her entire musical journey. She began with her at the ripe age of four, and after over 16 years is still continuing to learn and grow with, and from her. She has learned to make music as opposed to just playing notes. Sheila is very patient, kind, and understanding and will challenge you to improve. Sheila’s insight and knowledge as a piano teacher and ability as a professional musician continues to impress and motivate. Sheila has also been teaching my son for ten years. Her pleasant and engaging personality keeps him striving for more. Worth the drive from Toronto to Newmarket!

Christine and Lyle

As a music teacher, Charissa quietly and patiently shares her musical talent with her students so they understand how to play piano, and hear the music. Our daughter says that having someone close to her age for a piano teacher makes it easier to learn the notes and ask questions, and that Charissa freely shares her considerable knowledge of music. Our daughter shows real confidence when she plays, which tells us Charissa is positive and encouraging. We have had a few opportunities to be part of an “audience in awe” of her phenomenal skill and artistry when she plays and consider ourselves very lucky she is our daughter’s teacher.