Photo by Janice Lin

Anthony Vandikas

Anthony Vandikas started his music lessons at the Yamaha Music School at the age of three and moved to the Junior Special Advanced Course program. He is a graduate of the Baythorn Arts program and the Arts York program at Unionville High School, where he performed both as a soloist and a collaborative pianist.  He also played the french horn in the school's bands and Wind Ensemble.

He has competed at the Canadian Music Competitions, both in the provincial and national level; the Ontario Music Festival Provincial Competitions; as well as various local festivals. At the age of 15, he completed his ARCT exam, attaining a First Class Honours with Distinction.  Anthony completed his Licentiate Diploma Exam in August 2012, achieving a First Class Honours with Distinction and the 2012 National Gold Medal Award. 

As a recipient of the Best Advanced Pianist Trophy, he was featured as a guest performer at the North York Music Festival. He has also performed as a guest soloist for the Tapestry Chamber Choir concert, and for VPAN's Young Artist Showcase (February 2013).  In 2014, he won the Open Class at the ORMTA Music Writing Competition and was the recipient of the Eleanor Marzetti Scholarship. 

At our studio, Anthony teaches piano and theory from beginner to advanced levels.  He also tutors math and computer science. He works as a teaching and research assistant in the Computer Science Department at the University of Toronto and has worked on internship with IBM. He completed recording the complete and technically challenging Transcendental Etudes by Franz Liszt.

Anthony has completed a Bachelor of Computer Science Specialist degree (with High Honours) and a Master of Science degree at the University of Toronto where he received the distinction of being on the Dean's List of Scholars for each year of his studies.  He is pursuing his doctoral degree at the University of Toronto and is currently working on internship with Huawei CanadaAnthony is a black-belt in Goju-Ryu karate.  He is also enthusiastic about mountain-biking and has been  a member of both the  Newmarket Eagles Cycling Club and the Ontario Cycling Club.  He also enjoys a variety of sports, including rock climbing, and boxing.